Once a year it is necessary to check all the clocks in your house and possibly put forward one hour in relation to the effect of daylight saving time. We’ll show you how to set and control daylight saving time on your Android smartphone or tablet.
Summer time on your Android
Once a year our clocks must be put 1 hour forward at night for the summer time, so, unfortunately, you can sleep an hour shorter. Basically, this happens automatically on an Android device, but it’s good to just check this with your smartphone or tablet.

First, go to Settings> Date & Time;
Check that the time zone is set to the right region so that it automatically adjusts to daylight saving on your region;
You can turn off the automatic time and time zone if you want to control it manually. Note: when entering the winter, you also have to manually adjust the time.
These are days the summertime will start
Summer time is the time that is used during the summer and which will put the clock forward 1 hour. By doing so, it extends the period of daylight.

In Europe, the DST starts from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday of October. After that, the clock goes back one hour, and we go into the winter. Here are the exact dates for DST in 2017, daylight saving time in 2018 and so one by one.